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This is how


TraCoHive platform empowers educators worldwide to deliver stunning learning experiences that leads to better learning outcomes.


With passion and expertise in learning and design, our studio helps institutions, organizations and individual rethink all possible plan for success and bring digital learning into life.

Leadership Team

Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra

(Founder & Managing Director)

Mr. Nihar Ranjan (Is Post Graduate in Human Resource, Media Advertising & Computer Application) has over 05 years of HR leadership experience as result-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations.

Utilize keen analysis , insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices.

Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Operational, Analytics, Software Architect and Media Advertising) issues and motivating staff for peak performance. With excellent PR skills he has the ability to take business to next level.

Our Testimonials

Webinar was outstanding it's really helpful for me to increase my skill and knowledge ,
I especially want to thank Mr. Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra sir for guiding us it's will really
help alot in my interview and I recommend TraCoHive to all the students and my freinds
who are looking to better Improvement in themselves and want to prepare for the interview
and in to day to day challenges in the industries and corporate world

Pratik Shrivastava

It does not matter how hard or difficult it was, you presented it in the simplest way.
You are so friendly with an enthusiastic face. It's great to be connected and learn so much from you.

kalyani jha

Every word of you sir was worth listening. You definitely indulge some positiveness within everyone.
You are crystal clear with your points.
Thank you Mr Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra sir for making the topic so understandable.

Prachi Dua

The kind of mentorship and guidance I received from the trainers here was a serious boon to my understanding of the subject,
and accelerating better performance during personal interviews. I especially want to thank Mr. Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra sir
for being the humble guiding light that he is. His style of mentorship really brought out the best in me. I recommend TraCoHive 100% to
all the students who are looking to better themselves and want to prepare themselves for the industry.

Ashish Alex Isadore

Your leadership and sportsmanship are top-notch. You've helped me improve my performance on the court with less than two months of training!
I'm inspired to continue working hard and being a successful teammate. Thank you sir.

Kirti Pathrabe

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